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With fewer new clients available, financial and insurance services firms must up-sell/cross-sell to current customers or win market share from their rivals in order to grow their businesses.
Since many firms are offering higher returns and lower fees and commissions to attract new business, these services organizations must work diligently to drive down the cost of their internal processes while displaying a greater level of customer intimacy.
These challenges drive banks, insurance companies, and securities firms to change the way they manage client relationships. They must find ways to share a comprehensive view of each client with all parts of their organization. By doing so, the client can be effectively supported and business processes between   groups within the firm can be integrated, reducing paperwork and lowering costs.
Our CRM, Collaboration and Communication platforms can help your institution by working the way your people do. These solutions provide better customer insight, enables improved customer service, and helps your organization attract and retain clients more profitably than your competitor.

Solutions -

- Claims Management
- Ins. Agent \ Broker Services
- Wealth Management Portal
- Due Diligence Document Mgt.
- Compliance and Regulatory Mgt.

Clients -
- Catapult CFO
- Cattleman's Risk Mgt.
- Colorado Brokerage
- DataCard Solutions
- Farm Credit Counseling Services
- Grubb & Associates
- Hallmark Consulting
- Horizon Financial
- Lowenberg Group
- Mines & Associates
- MiStar Financial
- Roper Insurance
- SDR Ventures

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