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Growth of global big-box retailers continues to squeeze the business outlook for small and mid-sized companies. To survive, retailers must find innovative ways to compete that are not based solely on price.

Retailers must be willing to adopt new approaches and management technologies to succeed. They must find ways to optimize inventory management while keeping products, especially high-demand products, in stock. Finding and keeping customers is also vital.

Our retail platform delivers the help small and mid-sized retailers need to manage every aspect of their sales, marketing and service solutions to meet these demands.

There is no time for rest in distribution. As globalization trends continue, new channels are constantly developing and existing channels are expanding with new approaches—such as global sourcing, cross-sell capabilities, third-party logistics, and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions.

Companies are shifting to more advanced distribution management processes as increasing competition and disintermediation concerns grow. These trends are driving changes in distributors’ business relationships and processes. Customer service expectations are also expanding. Major customers and vendors are requiring specific service-level agreements and compliant technology business processes.

Our solutions offer a powerful platform that gives distributors the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. Integrated applications can be deployed quickly and inexpensively without complicated customization or drawn-out implementation projects.

Our CRM, Collaboration and Communication platforms can help your firm by working the way your people do. These solutions provide better customer insight, enables improved customer service, and helps your organization attract and retain clients more profitably than your competitor.

Solutions -
- Sales and Marketing Channel Mgt.
- Customer Self Service Portals
- Customer Service Management
- Contact Center - Service Department
- Case Management

Clients -
- 4 The Home
- Beyond Technology
- Direct Build
- Dynamic Card Solutions
- Eagles USA
- European Flooring
- Focus on Floors
- Flatirons Subaru
- Gallerie Rouge
- Iron Forge Trailers
- KitcheCUE
- Rockley Music
- R. Perry Coons
- SaniCool
- Tools for Construction
- Windriver Spas

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